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Carrie Shepard’s mistake

“Gee, thanks a lot, Samara.” Jane Shepard muttered under her breath as she wobbled into Omega’s Afterlife club on a pair of high heels. The Justicar was using Shepard as bait, in order to flush out Morinth, Samara’s insane, sex predator daughter. The plan was for Shepard to act tough, drawing Morinth out with displays of power.

As it stood, Shepard could barely walk in her high heels, and the little black dress she’d received from Kasumi was tight, restrictive and uncomfortable.

Shepard tottered past a turian chatting up an asari stripper, finding herself unable to not listen in on their conversation.

“Don’t be like that, Hallia! I’ve got creds. We’ll go back to my place. I got simple tastes” The turian said, mentally undressing his sought after prize.

“Back off Meln, you asshole! I’m a dancer, not a hooker!” Hallia cried, pushing Meln’s curious arm away from her nubile body. Shepard had stopped walking now, and was growing concerned.

“You got a mouth on you! I’ll enjoy watching you use it!” Meln sneered, looming over the weaker asari. Shepard turned to Meln, unable to simply walk away.

“The lady asked you to step away.” Jane Shepard said, politely, but with a hint of buried forcefulness.

Meln looked towards Shepard, his eyes quickly sliding down the commander’s slim, graceful body, drinking in her bare legs.

“You want in on this transaction? I don’t care if it’s you or this bitch. I just like good times.” Meln smirked, advancing on S Continue reading

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Striptease pic of Tali Zorah vas Ranna/Normandy – good quality and hot as hell!

Mass Effect Sex Video Fan Made

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