Carrie Shepard’s mistake

“Gee, thanks a lot, Samara.” Jane Shepard muttered under her breath as she wobbled into Omega’s Afterlife club on a pair of high heels. The Justicar was using Shepard as bait, in order to flush out Morinth, Samara’s insane, sex predator daughter. The plan was for Shepard to act tough, drawing Morinth out with displays of power.

As it stood, Shepard could barely walk in her high heels, and the little black dress she’d received from Kasumi was tight, restrictive and uncomfortable.

Shepard tottered past a turian chatting up an asari stripper, finding herself unable to not listen in on their conversation.

“Don’t be like that, Hallia! I’ve got creds. We’ll go back to my place. I got simple tastes” The turian said, mentally undressing his sought after prize.

“Back off Meln, you asshole! I’m a dancer, not a hooker!” Hallia cried, pushing Meln’s curious arm away from her nubile body. Shepard had stopped walking now, and was growing concerned.

“You got a mouth on you! I’ll enjoy watching you use it!” Meln sneered, looming over the weaker asari. Shepard turned to Meln, unable to simply walk away.

“The lady asked you to step away.” Jane Shepard said, politely, but with a hint of buried forcefulness.

Meln looked towards Shepard, his eyes quickly sliding down the commander’s slim, graceful body, drinking in her bare legs.

“You want in on this transaction? I don’t care if it’s you or this bitch. I just like good times.” Meln smirked, advancing on S Shepard.

Jane threw a punch at the turian, intending to punch through his defences and go for a throw, like Gunny Ellison taught her at boot camp. With suprising speed, the turian ducked under the punch, and dealt one to Shepard, his tough hands striking her hard in her unarmoured stomach. Shepard’s eyes widened as all the air was driven out of her lungs by the punch. She lost what little balance she had on her high heels and fell to the floor, banging her shoulder as she fell.

Shepard gasped in pain, though she still couldn’t breath. She felt one of Meln’s hands wrap around her stockinged shin, lift it, and begin slowly dragging her.

“You tell anyone about this, and you’ll wish you’d gone with me!” Meln growled at Hallia, who remained rooted to the spot in fear. She tried her best not to look at Shepard as the human was slowly dragged past her. Shepard desperately grabbed onto Hallia’s boot, her eyes pleading to the stripper. Hallia responded by shaking her foot free of Shepard’s grasp, looking away from the human as she was dragged off.

Meln slowly dragged Shepard across the night club’s floor. The other patrons were too busy, chasing asari ass and riding out the exquisite highs of their drugs, to notice a turian taking a human into an alcove booth.

Shepard could feel the buzz of static in her subdermal implant briefly, before silence. Fuck!, Shepard thought. This corner must block comms. Perfect for patrons who didn’t want to be disturbed. She knew Samara would never find her in the packed club without her ear radio.

Shepard was laid on one of the booth’s couches, her back against it, her eyes roaming helplessly across the ceiling. Meln placed his hands on the Commander’s thighs, running them up her body unopposed. When they got to the hem of her minidress, they took the fabric up with them. Meln left Shepard’s skirt hiked up around her waist, displaying her red panties. The redhead fought not to blush, but her embarrassment got the better of her.

“Don’t be shy, human.” Meln taunted, stroking her cherry red cheek with one hand, groping her firm ass with the other. “I’m going to be seeing a lot more of you, real soon.” His left hand slid down her face, her neck, her shoulders, until it reached Shepard’s modest bust. Commander Shepard’s breasts were easily liberated from her dress, and Meln took a moment to admire them.

“Are you ready for some turian cock, human?” Meln asked, eyeing the powerless marine before him.

“S-stop…” Shepard gasped weakly, still struggling to breath. She hoped Meln hadn’t done anyone real damage to her body. He knew how to throw a good punch.

“Yes? That’s what I thought, lady.” Meln smiled, his hands wrapping around an end of Shepard’s panties each. With a lecherous smile, he pulled them down, taking the undergarment clean off Shepard’s shapely legs.

“Human, I’m going to enjoy this.” Meln smiled, dropping his trousers to expose his rough turian manhood. Shepard bit her lip. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Shepard was by no means a virgin, but she was discriminating enough about her sexual partners that she remained modestly tight. Meln found this out, to his pleasure, when he noticed his swollen manhood couldn’t quite fit up the Commander. He rubbed his cock against Shepard’s pussy lips, desperately trying to find purchase.

Meln resorted to desperate measures. He took one of Shepard’s legs in each hand and pulled them as far apart as possible. Shepard grunted as she was forcefully spread wide for her turian conqueror.

The added distance was enough, and Meln triumphantly plunged into Shepard’s vagina.

“So tight…” Meln moaned as he built up to a moderate rate, using Shepard to pump himself with great zeal. His hands bit into the Commander’s legs, tearing her stockings as Meln built up speed. Shepard had almost recovered from being winded, only to find herself just as helpless as before. The turian weighed nearly twice as much as her, and he had leverage on her. Oh boy, did he have leverage on her.

Shepard thought of her previous lovers, her first kiss on Mindoir, shared, secretive moments of heat on Alliance warships, her love back on the Normandy. All special, the lovemaking meaningful and respectful. Now, Meln was added to those ranks, a soulless criminal who was taking her by force. It upset Shepard greatly.

Meln was oblivious, only building up speed. Shepard’s head was jerked back and forth, her breasts jiggling slightly as Meln fucked her. Faster and faster, he got, causing Shepard no amount of chafing from his alien member. She could feel his cock, buried deep in her flesh, twitch and convulse more and more as he slowly built up to orgasm.

Meln pinned the commander down and continued to fuck her, rushing to his climax. He squeezed her breasts, riding out his orgasm with a long groan. He came inside Shepard, spurting shot after shot into her delicate pussy.

“Fuck.” Meln gasped, his fanged teeth inches from Jane’s ears as he lay on top of her. “I needed that.”

Meln unceremoniously pulled out, spilling a little of his alien seed onto the Commander’s thighs. Shepard’s eyes widened as she remembered what Mordin had told her about turian/human sexual relations. Contact with turian bodily fluids could cause severe allergic reactions in humans, anaphylactic shock and, if untreated, death.

Shepard found herself short of breath, unable to do more than squirm even without Meln on top of her. Meln had taken a seat in the booth, and was enjoying a cigarette.

Jane was struggling to rasp out breath now and her skin was turning pale.

“H-help me!” Shepard wheezed, looking desperately at Meln, who had finished his smoke and was readjusting his pants.

“Sorry human, but I’ve got dates to keep.” Meln smiled, rising to his feet. As he walked away, all Shepard could do was weakly gasp for his help. He’d clearly known this would happen to Shepard, and he left her regardless.

Shepard fought desperately to move, to get up and find people, but all she accomplished was wasting precious oxygen. She could barely breath now, and was sure her throat was beginning to close up. Shepard’s thighs and pussy were breaking out in irritated hives. Her breasts bore red marks from where Meln’s filthy claws had groped her breasts in a vicegrip.

Then came the moment. Shepard’s allergic reaction worsened to the point where she could no longer draw breath. Her eyes bulged as she struggled for air. The booth was spinning and Shepard was, for once, terrified. A tear slid down each of her cheeks. She’d been killed once before, saving her crew from the Reapers, had been expensively revived by Cerberus to save the galaxy again, or die trying. Instead, she died alone, in a scum-filled nightclub, nothing but a fucktoy for her alien rapist.

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