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Mass Effect Hentai Story: "Survivor’s Guilt"

The rain beat hard on the stained and broken window of the long abandoned Cerberus facility. What was once a top secret program to develop the “perfect” biotic, now lay as a tomb. Rain leaked in through the overgrowth. The plan had been simple: land planet side, drop off a bomb, and blow it off the map. In Shepard’s history nothing was ever easy which is why it was of no surprise to him when his team came across some mercenaries trying to scavenge the place. As always, it turned in to a firefight but Shepard had one thing they didn’t: a very motivated and pissed off super biotic named Jack.

it had been Jack’s idea to come here, back to the place where she was raised. Back to the place she was tested on and tortured as a child. She wanted to see this place one last time and if that’s what it took to gain her loyalty, then Shepard was more than happy to help. Jack and Shepard were joined by Garrus, a turian who had always watched Shepard’s back and knew well of his soft spot for the fairer sex. Not that anyone would accuse Jack to being par of that category. Between her shaved head, body full of tattoos and very unlady like attitude and speech, Jack was unlike anything Shepard had known.

This is what struck Shepard the most as they entered Jack’s old room. That hard hearted Jack broke down seeing her old bed and desk. Tears began to pour down her cheeks. She turned quickly and burried her head in to Shepard’s chest as a flood of memories attacked her. Shepard turned to Garrus.

“give us the room.” Garrus nodded without a word and left, closing the door as he did. Shepard and Jack were alone. Alone with her ghosts. Jack composed herself.

“you must think I’m a fool, Shepard.”
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Commander Shepard and Tali after sex simply relaxing in bed and listing to music

Mass effect Hentai

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Mass effect Hentai

Mass effect Hentai

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Hentai of Mass Effect: Blowing off steam

John Shepard sat back in in his chair reading the most recent data given to him by the council. Six months ago, he had stopped Seren and The Geth from unleashing a hoard of universe destroying AI known as The Reapers. The battle had been costly but in the end, Shepard put the final bullet in to Seren and closed the gateway to The Reapers. Hero of The Citadel, the vids called him. He was praised by everyone who had a recorder put in front of them, but that was six months ago. Shepard had found out quickly that a SpecterВ’s В“unlimitedВ” powers came with too many strings. The Council wanted to know his every movement and flight plan. His actions were scrutinized and picked apart. The worst was that now The Council had decided that The Mass Effect: Blowing Off Steam
Reapers were no longer a threat. Any threat they may had posed was destroyed along with Seren. It was that which irritated Shepard most of all. Too many had died for The Council to just sweep it under the rug. His anger got the best of him as Shepard launched the data pad across his desk .

В“Bad time?В” Shepard turned to see Ashley Williams, his Gunnery Sergeant and lover standing in the doorway. She was dressed in her off duty clothes, a tight tee shirt that showed off her outstanding chest and a pair of cargo pants. Her dark hair was pulled back in to a pony tail.

В“Just frustrated is all.В”
В“they still wonВ’t listen?В” she asked walking in to the room.
В“they just refuse to see the truth.В” Shepard rubs his eyes.
В“weВ’ll show them. There are bound to be more ruins out here. Ones that prove The Reapers will be back.В” Shepard smiled as her. She believed in him so fiercely. Ashley moved across the small cabin and took a seat on his left knee, draping her arms over his neck.
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