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Mass Effect Porn Story: "Subject Zero"

<<< Welcome to the Cerberus Operational Archives >>>
<<< Searching for files designated ‘Project Zero’…>>>
<<<Surveillance footage received from privately registered trading ship ‘Argo’>>>
<<<Subject identified via extranet usage as Jacqueline Naught AKA Project Zero>>>
<<<Playing surveillance footage…>>>

The Argo was an old ship. It had been floating around the traverse since the first contact war and had changed hands many times; it had been a mining ship, a colony transport vessel and, more than a few times, a pirate ship. The ship’s current owners had just that function planned when they bought the old Junker. With a bit of a tune up and the right crew the Argo could become the most feared ship Outside of council space.

“The Raptors” as they called themselves were made up of mostly runaways, some of them had grown up on the stations and had been waiting for the first ship away from the metal slums of the lower levels. More than a few were bored rich kids, pissed off with their parents. The Raptors considered themselves a cross between a pirate band and a cult, crazy and strong enough to slit the throat of anyone in their way, but only one of the Argo’s passengers lived up to the hype, and she was getting a little sick of all self promoting bullshit floating around the place.

Jack lay on the makeshift stage that had been set up in the middle of the frigate’s cargo hold, propping herself up with an elbow and dragging on her cigarette. Jack’s life was spent running, constantly looking for ways to be stronger, occasionally that meant joining up with some asshole cult or trust fund mercenaries like these guys, she would Continue reading

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One sexy, slimy, sultry Asari babe – just dripping with anticipation for some cock!

Mass effect Cartoon Sex

Miranda Lawson Hentai

Mass effect Porn

Miranda Lawson Cartoon Sex

Mass effect Cartoon Sex

Commander Shepard is being fucked by Samara’s and Morinth’s big juicy cocks in her pussy and her ass… while she is sucking on Samara’s tongue!
We see Miranda Lawson as she strips for us as we take this photo of her as she gets hot and hornny for the next picture shot…
Commander Sheaperd is relaxing in the shower and then Liara comes in and wants to have a little fun…
Well, anyone who has played “Mass Effect 2″ will have found it hard to resist the luscious Miss Lawson…
The Mass effect are ready to fuck 24/7 with nudity and foreplay that just start, and you can imagine what they do next. Drilling in the episode is the hottest ‘s the raunchiest and 😉 Sexually eager teens of Mass effect sex comic willing to do everything that it takes to make visitors satisfied…

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Carrie Shepard’s mistake

“Gee, thanks a lot, Samara.” Jane Shepard muttered under her breath as she wobbled into Omega’s Afterlife club on a pair of high heels. The Justicar was using Shepard as bait, in order to flush out Morinth, Samara’s insane, sex predator daughter. The plan was for Shepard to act tough, drawing Morinth out with displays of power.

As it stood, Shepard could barely walk in her high heels, and the little black dress she’d received from Kasumi was tight, restrictive and uncomfortable.

Shepard tottered past a turian chatting up an asari stripper, finding herself unable to not listen in on their conversation.

“Don’t be like that, Hallia! I’ve got creds. We’ll go back to my place. I got simple tastes” The turian said, mentally undressing his sought after prize.

“Back off Meln, you asshole! I’m a dancer, not a hooker!” Hallia cried, pushing Meln’s curious arm away from her nubile body. Shepard had stopped walking now, and was growing concerned.

“You got a mouth on you! I’ll enjoy watching you use it!” Meln sneered, looming over the weaker asari. Shepard turned to Meln, unable to simply walk away.

“The lady asked you to step away.” Jane Shepard said, politely, but with a hint of buried forcefulness.

Meln looked towards Shepard, his eyes quickly sliding down the commander’s slim, graceful body, drinking in her bare legs.

“You want in on this transaction? I don’t care if it’s you or this bitch. I just like good times.” Meln smirked, advancing on S Continue reading

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