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Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya has pretty big butt for a skinny quarian chick… but looks like Garrus likes it this way!

Mass Effect Kasumi Hentai

Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya has pretty big butt for a skinny quarian chick… but looks like Garrus likes it this way!
It’s time to get something big inside this heavily bosomed Mass effect gal who has a sexy ass and a fuck-willing cunt! Petting and caressing is the way each Mass effect XXX routine to commence, but the end is always unpredictable. Personages are way too naughty that they agree to have sex everywhere, every day and in every way you can think of .

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When Tali was in complete suit her assets seemed smaller… and well – quarian chicks are different from Earth ones for sure!

Mass Effect 2 Porn Pics

Notorious Mass effect characters make but another appearance with some new raunchy pastimes in this blog fuck report 😉 Having sex in the Mass effect sex porn show is truly hot and definitly the most bizarre. Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya personages are back again and with detailed pictorial fuck reports and that will make your rock!

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Matriarch Benezia raping Aria from Omega with a dick – this is something that even Shepard hasn’t seen!

Mass effect Cartoon Sex

Mass effect Cartoon Sex

Mass effect Porn

Mass effect Porn

Liara T’soni and her azari girlfriend showing why they are most sexy species in the galaxy
Miranda Lawson and Liara T’ Soni proceeding to make passionate love to one an another
Commander Shepard and Liara sharing a lustly lesbian moment before stopping Saren
It’s high time to get something big inside this well-endowed Mass effect bitch with her ass cheeks so hot and a wet pussy… This pack of hottest drawn porn action will get you and feel like hell and all those hot and juicy freaks having a good time!. A hottie from a world’s known Mass effect hentai tv-show sandwiched between a two-team of monstrous pokers that have her face dumped with semen rain.

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Hot quarian Tali, with her mask off, gets gang-banged by Blue Sun mercenaries and appears to be enjoying it!

Mass effect Hentai

Liara T'soni Cartoon Sex

Mass effect Porn

Shiala, the green asari on Feros, looking sexy in plant juice!
Looks like Liara has a thing for tentacles… watch as she takes it in every hole from a hannar!
This too explicit rendition of Mass effect craze where the hottest characters from this cartoon get into various sex situation… We are ready to get something big inside this well-endowed and teen… I’ve often craved to catch a glimpse of Mass effect porn hotties who just cannot go on unfucked more than anything else 😉

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Mass Effect Porn Story: Lucky Guy

Mass Effect Porn Story: Lucky Guy

Jimmy couldn’t believe his luck. At first he’d thought the online dating site would be a waste of time but already he had a date lined up, even if it seemed a little cryptic. Scribbling down the address he reached for the directory, trying to see where exactly apartment block D was. Luckily it was close, giving him plenty of time.

Quickly he got dressed, choosing a light loose suit which looked smart yet casual and could be easily removed in a hurry if he managed to get that far. Rubbing a hand across his chin he smiled to himself in the mirror. His stubble was getting a little long, but with the strong curves of his face it simply gave him a ruggedly handsome look.

Snatching up his commlink, as well as the holdout blaster which he quickly tucked into his sleeve, he made his way out onto the streets of Omega. The night was early, but with the woman expecting him for nine thirty he didn’t want to mess around. As he passed the street preacher was screaming out his usual angry rants, but as Jimmy turned his gaze in the batarian’s direction he quickly looked away, remembering the last time he’d tried to use the human as a target for his rhetoric. Passing by Marsh’s store Jimmy stopped for a moment to purchase a bottle of good wine from the storekeeper’s private reserves. Normally the batarian wouldn’t sell his limited stock to a human, but with their quiet understanding Jimmy had no problem getting what he wanted.

With the bottle tucked under his arm Jimmy quickly made his way down the passageway towards the transit terminal. A group of scavenging vorcha looked for a moment as if they were going to cause him a delay, but just then a couple of Blue Sun mercs turned the corner ahead and the vorcha quickly melted into the shadows. Glancing back over his shoulder Jimmy saw the armoured turians continuing on their way and he let his blaster slip back into place inside his sleeve.

The transit hub was beginning to heat up, crowds of people from any number of races were flowing to and fro, some making their way towards Afterlife’s glowing front entrance while others waited patiently for the next shuttle to arrive. Pushing passed them Jimmy strode straight towards the short salarian who was marshalling the crowd, waving his hand half in greeting and half to show he wasn’t armed. Or at least that he wasn’t waving his gun around.

“Hey Schells, still cooking the books?” Jimmy asked with a grin as he pulled up beside a parked hovercar.

“Don’t say things like that.” The salarian quickly replied, waving his hands in the air defensively as he glanced back towards where Captain Gavorn stood guarding the Afterlife entranceway. He was too far away to have heard anything, especially over the noise of the bustling crowd, but it always paid to be cautious around Aria’s henchmen. “You know I run a clean operation, always have since arriving here.”

“You mean since they caught you trying to sell those gambling devices of yours and threatened to remove certain important appendages unless you handed them all over.” Jimmy said as he slapped Schells shoulder jovially. “Never mind that anyway. I need to borrow your car.”

“Borrow my car?” Schells echoed as he glanced down at the hover car parked close by. “Bu.. but why?”

“Ask me no questions, my little salarian friend.” Jimmy said happily, before moving closer and lowering his voice to a mere rumble in his throat. “Otherwise I might have to hurt you.”

Schells eyes widened at the threat and as he fished the activator from his pocket he fumbled it, letting the small plastic slip clatter onto the floor. “No need for talk like that. I’ve always been a good friend to you Jimmy. You know you can borrow it any time you like, just promise me you’re not going to be racing it or getting into gunfights or anything okay?” The salarian chattered as he bent down and retrieved the activator and placed it carefully into Jimmy’s waiting hand.

“Don’t worry, that’s not the kind of action I’m planning on tonight.” Tapping the small device Jimmy unlocked the car door before slipping into the pilot seat. Leaning over to the navigation controls he quickly tapped in the address he’d received from the dating site before quickly changing his mind and instead setting the coordinates for a building a little way down the street. Jimmy had enough enemies on Omega who wouldn’t think twice about ambushing him and the offer from a beautiful woman to simply come over without any talk first seemed too good to be true.

As the car pulled away from the dock, leaving the fretting Schells behind, Jimmy pulled out the holdout blaster. Checking the safety was off, the heatsink fully discharged and the firing chamber ready to go he slipped it back into place. The journey didn’t take too long and a few moments later, after weaving through the chaotic early evening traffic, Jimmy found himself coming into land within sight of the apartment block in question.

Stepping out of the vehicle, taking care to lockdown the engines to prevent anyone making off with it while he was gone, Jimmy pulled his jacket a little tighter against his body. Darting into the shadows he made his way down the street, trying to look casual as he approached the apartment block entrance. With a quick glance around to make sure he wasn’t being followed he slipped inside the door and made his way towards the stairs.

Bounding up them two at a time he came out onto the second floor and made his way down the row until he found the right door. As he reached up to knock the door swung open for him and a soft feminine voice, flavoured with a pleasant Australian accent, called out. “Right on time. Very good.” The woman said from inside the darkened room. “Get in here and lock the door behind you.”

Doing as instructed Jimmy eased his way inside, slipping the wine bottle from beneath his arm as he used his free hand to engage the locks. “I brought a little something to lighten the mood.” He said with a smile, his eyes darting down the tightly fitted bodysuit the woman was wearing. Every curve was perfect, from the wide spread of her hips and the small mound of her belly up to the impressively buoyant swell of her breasts.

“No need for that. Take your clothes off and get on the bed.” Despite the nature of her requests the woman’s voice seemed to have no passion at all, simply giving orders and expecting them to be carried out.

Seeing the game that was being played Jimmy decided he wanted to set the ground rules first. “How about you strip first. Nothing like seeing a woman naked and ready to help give a man incentive in life.”

“Very well.” Reaching up the woman carefully unfastened her top, letting the panelled bodysuit fall open to reveal her smooth flawless skin and dark inviting nipples. Within moments the teats began to harden in the cool air and as they did the woman pulled her arms from the sleeves of her suit and with a wiggle of her hips let it fall in one piece to the floor. She’d come prepared and beneath her outer clothing the woman was naked and as he watched she quickly spread her legs wider and began to slide her hands up along her thighs.

“Is this enough of an incentive for you?” She asked, her voice still calm and level despite her exposure.

“It’s a start.” Jimmy replied, setting the wine bottle down on the table between them before walking around and taking the woman into his arms. Holding her tightly he bent down and pushed his mouth against hers, his tongue moving between her lisp as his hands explored her body. For her part the woman let herself fold into his embrace, but she gave no response to his kiss, instead letting him grope and grip her until Jimmy finally stepped away.

“I suppose you just want to jump to the main act then?” He said over his shoulder as he stepped towards the bed.

“That’s what we’re both here for, isn’t it?” The woman replied. Walking up behind him she slipped passed and climber onto the bed. As she crawled up towards the headboard her backside waved in front of Jimmy, sending a thrill down to the package between his legs.

He slowly peeled off his suit, letting it drop onto the floor piece by piece as he drew closer, making the woman wait until he was standing at the foot of the bed in his boxers. “Why don’t you come over here and give me a hand?” He said, gesturing towards the large swelling inside the silk underwear. With a sigh the woman crawled back down the bed as he watched her butt swaying enticingly in the air.

Kneeling in front of him the woman took hold of his boxers with both hands and slipped them down to his knees. His cock immediately sprung out bobbing down into her face and rubbing against her cheek for a moment. Quickly grabbing her head with both hands Jimmy pulled the woman’s mouth down onto his stiff shaft, pushing it inside until he felt his cockhead pressing against the back of her throat.

“Oh that’s right, fight it baby.” He mumbled as the woman squirmed against his grip. Her tongue played over his prick as he felt her lips working along the shaft. A moment later he felt her teeth digging into the tight flesh, just hard enough to warn him to stop. Releasing her Jimmy let the woman fall back onto the bed, gasping and rubbing the saliva from her chin with the back of her hand.

“That’s not what we’re here for.” She said simply as she lay back and spread her legs wide. “Either you fuck me properly or leave right now.” Her tone was hard and cold and something told Jimmy that this wasn’t a girl to be screwed and discarded, unlike the little blue bitch Liselle who’d been willing to do anything for Jimmy. Until her mother had stepped in and made it clear to Jimmy that they had no future together. Or at least that he’d have no future unless they separated.

Taking his cock in his hand Jimmy gave it a couple of long slow strokes as he looked down at the woman offering herself to him so openly. He could reach for his gun, which even now lay on the floor close to his foot where he’d dropped it, or he could simply give her an old fashioned beating to show her who was boss, but he’d never had to force a girl to perform for him in bed before and he was damned if he started that shit now.

Moving closer Jimmy knelt on the bed for a moment before lowering himself down between the mystery woman’s thighs. Letting his tongue hang from his mouth he slowly drew it down her inner thigh, his eyes looking up at her at the same time to gauge her response. Despite her cool exterior he could tell by the way her breathing began to grow faster that he was having the desired effect on her and as he brought his face down towards her crotch she lifted her hips to greet him.

Pressing his mouth to her shaven opening Jimmy quickly pushed his tongue between her swollen labia, using his lips to holdthem apart as he began to tease the inner folds. Placing his hands on her thighs Jimmy spread the woman’s legs even wider,pinning her down on the bed with his bodyweight and forcing her cunt up into his mouth. The woman seemed to enjoy what he was doing and as his tongue drilled up into her she let out a small gasp.

Pulling away, licking his lips as he gazed down at her, Jimmy grabbed his cock and held it against her hole for a moment. Watching the woman panting with anticipation he slowly rubbed his ample length against her moistened opening before with a single hard thrust he pushed the head a good few inches up into her. The woman’s head fell back and she let out a single heavy moan as he burrowed inside her. Pulling back almost as quickly as he’d entered Jimmy set himself up for another pass, wafting a second to make sure he had her full attention before plunging inside again.

Grabbing her legs again and holding them wide Jimmy thrust his hips hard and deep, jamming his penis to the root into this strange woman’s cunt before pulling out and repeating his motion. Her hole was bubbling with juices by now, and each time he pulled back another wave was pulled with it to leak down onto the woman’s belly.

Clawing at the sheets the woman had no choice to accept him into her, not that she wanted to stop him in any case. As he kept up the pace her breath changed from moans to pants, becoming more ragged and uneven as she was forced to endure the steadily increasing pace of his thrusting. Her hips were moving in time with Jimmy’s, pushing her crotch up to meet him as he rammed deeper and harder, and soon the two of them where moving together as one.

Rolling his head back Jimmy cried out with bestial fury as he burst forth inside the woman, his cock spilling into her womb as he pushed himself as deep as he could. The woman’s response was just as loud, her voice shrill and jagged as she let her body experience the ultimate pleasure. Holding her there, his hips jerking with each new load his cock delivered, Jimmy bent down and pushed his mouth against hers again. This time she eagerly accepted his tongue into her mouth, using her own to stroke over it as he filled her with his seed.

As his cock began to relax Jimmy quickly pulled it out of the woman and taking it in his hand he began to pump it hard. With each stroke he pumped the last of his cum out over her body, splashing first against her belly and then her tits as he pulled his aim higher. When he splattered her face for the first time Jimmy reached down with his free hand and grabbing the woman’s hair in his fist pulled her mouth up onto his prick. Without a chance to fight back the woman had no choice but to accept the cum shooting onto her tongue and after the last shot Jimmy let her fall back onto the bed.

“Well, was that a good enough start for you?” He asked as he knelt over her, one hand stroking his cock as he massaged it back to life.

The woman said nothing for a while, simply glaring up at him as she wiped her face clean with the bed sheets. “You can go now.” She finally said, her voice as calm and cold as it had been when he first arrived. “And I do mean now.” Her eyes were as hard as her voice but Jimmy had no intention of leaving just yet. The bitch had got what she wanted from him, now it was time to get what he’d come for.

“Playtime’s not over yet darling.” He said with a sneer. Grabbing her legs he quickly flipped the woman over so she lay face down on the bed. Spreading her legs wide again he looked down at her tight smooth buttocks as they spread apart to reveal the tight puckered star of her anus nestled between them. Moving his hips forwards Jimmy placed his swelling cockhead against the anal entry but before he had a chance to go further he found himself flying back across the room.

With one hand raised and the telltale glow of biotics glittering around her body the woman slid down the bed and rose to her feet. Pinning Jimmy against the shattered window she reached down for the gun he’d left on the floor. “I told you to leave.” She said, her voice filling with hatred and anger.

“Okay, okay. I’ll leave.” Jimmy screamed, his back on fire where the glass was digging into his skin. Already he could feel the warm flow of blood trickling down his legs.

“You had your chance.” The woman said simply as she snapped the blaster up and drove a single bullet between Jimmy’s eyes. As it smashed through the back of his skull the hyper accelerated metal shard finally broke the window which was holding his body in places and he flew out into the darkness, falling down into the chasm between tower blocks and disappearing from sight.

Quickly moving across the room, one hand grasping at her crotch to keep the sticky cum inside from escaping, the woman grabbed her bodysuit and slipped into it with graceful speed. Once the fastenings were secured she reached for her commlink. “Jacob? This is Miranda. I’m gonna need help cleaning the apartment you rented for me.”

“Dammit Miranda.” The deep male voice said through the small communicator, “Don’t tell me you killed another one.”

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Mass Effect Porn Story: The Scintillating Sinyah Sisters

Mass Effect Porn Story: The Scintillating Sinyah Sisters

“I am Omega!” Screamed Aria, her hands spread wide as she looked down at the masses gathered in her nightclub before turning back towards her armored guest. As she did the flame light from the torches scattered around the club shone over her buttocks.

“Certainly has an ass large enough for it.” Mumbled Harmony before her sister quickly jabbed her in the ribs. “Shh! Don’t say things like that here.” Melody hissed in her ear. “Aria has eyes and ears everywhere.”

Leaning closer Harmony slipped her hand onto her sister’s lap. “If that’s the case dear sister, perhaps we’d better give her something better to look at?” Her free hand suddenly on the back of Melody’s neck Harmony pulled her into a passionate kiss, their tongues twirling together as Melody’s hand slipped higher, plucking at the fringe of her sister’s costume.

As Flin approached he cleared his throat to let the girls know he was ready to see them, “Harmony and Melody Sinyah?” He asked in an authoritative tone. The girls didn’t seem to hear him, continuing their deep and passionate embrace as though he wasn’t even there. Finally getting bored of waiting he reached out and grabbed Harmony’s shoulder, pulling her away from her sister and leaving a long streamer of saliva linking their mouths for a second. “You humans are disgusting. Can’t you find somewhere better to conduct your mating rituals?” The turian announced, his mandibles clicking in a way which showed more excitement than disgust.

“It’s not a mating ritual,” replied Harmony as she wiped her sister’s drool from her lips. “Just a little fun.” Melody jumped in her seat as her sister’s hand pressed against her crotch and gave her mound a quick squeeze through the thin outfit. Harmony giggled playfully as Melody looked away blushing. “Don’t worry, so always gets like this before a performance.”

“You’d better hurry, I’ve got another three acts to audition before reporting back to Aria, including hanar jugglers which should be fun, and she doesn’t like waiting.” Taking a step closer the turian bent closer to Harmony’s ear. “And I agree with your sister, keep the comments about Aria to yourself. She can be a little sensitive about her appearance now she’s approaching her matriarch stage.”

Moving away Flin raised a hand to gesture the girls up the stairway watching them closely as they walked passed him and made their way to the upper level of the club. Even though the view of the sisters rears was an enticing sight, especially as Harmony reached over to pull her sister’s costume up even tighter between her buttocks, Flin had learnt through long experience to watch their hands instead of their hips. Much to Harmony’s chagrin when he didn’t even react to her sister’s embarrassed squeal.

Stepping out onto the third level Flin waved the pair over to one of the concealed booths ringing the balcony. In the distance Aria could be seen lounging in her booth below but neither girl bothered to look down, not after hearing stories of her guards shoot first and dispose of the bodies later approach to security when it came to suspicious characters on the upper level.

Dropping himself onto the couch Flin pointed meaningfully at the table in front of him. “Well? I don’t have all day.” He said grumpily, one hand resting on his blaster as he watched the two humans climb gracefully into place, Harmony once again taking the opportunity to slip her hand down Melody’s body, this time tweaking a nipple which was standing out firmly against her tight costume.

As the music changed the two girls began to move in time to the beat, their bodies pushing together as they began exploring each other intimately. It soon became clear that Melody was the more skilled of the two, her motions perfectly in time to the flow of the music and her body moving with the waves of sound in a way which drew Flin’s attention and kept it on her even though her sister’s blatantly sexual acts easily outdid her sister’s more refined attitude.

Seeing she was beginning to lose out Harmony loosened her costume just enough for the front panel to slip down exposing her breasts to the turian spectator. When that failed to attract his attention away from Melody’s gently flowing body she reached up with both hands, pulling her sister’s head down between her cleavage.

Caught in the moment, the music moving through her, Melody reacted on impulse. Her tongue slipped out between her lips, worming its way around Harmony’s nipple for a moment before placing a gentle kiss and moving to the other. Arching her back Harmony made the most of the display, making sure Flin was getting a good view of the action as she slid a hand down her sister’s back and gently cupped her backside.

Melody wriggled against the fingertips as they traced small circles over her buttocks, her motions still perfectly in tune with the sounds surrounding them both. Tilting her head back she let her tongue trail up between her sister’s breasts, continuing up her neck until the two girls were face to face. Taking the initiative Melody reached up with one hand and clasped the back of Harmony’s head, turning it towards Flin as Melody kissed and nibbled on her sister’s ear.

Harmony let her mouth open just enough for the turian to see her tongue lick across her lips for a moment, smiling as he shifted forwards in his seat. She could tell by the way his body moved that he was becoming aroused by the display they were giving him and in turn she felt her own body reacting to his pleasure.

Leaning back Harmony lay herself back on the table, legs sliding apart as Melody moved on top of her. With both her hands on her sister’s ass Harmony pushed her hands under the fabric and touched the pressure tabs which let the lower part of the costume fall away. Bent over, her mouth eagerly exploring Harmony’s breasts once more, Melody was now completely exposed to their turian spectator, her lower lips glistening it the torchlight as she wriggled and bucked to the beat of the music.

Pressing her hands against the yielding flesh Harmony spread her sister’s buttocks apart, spreading Melody’s anus and pussy as she did so Flin could see every part of her sister. Melody moaned, her body shivering with embarrassed delight at being displayed so openly, but did nothing to stop her sister. After all this was the whole reason they were here.

Lifting herself up Melody reached her hands down to grip her costume and in one smooth motion peeled the tight fabric up over her head and tossed it towards Flin. The flimsy garment sailed passe the rapt turian, landing beside him on the couch as he continued to stare at the two girls, his eyes fixated on Melody’s backside as it gyrated to the music.

Rolling over Harmony quickly placed herself on top of her naked sibling, locking her fingers into Melody’s as she pulled her sister’s arms up above her head. face to face once more Harmony held herself just out of reach of her sister’s lips as the two girls rubbed their bodies against each other’s, each and every curve matching together in one perfect whole as they worked together.

Sliding her hands down Melody’s arms Harmony cupped her sister’s breasts for a moment before reaching up to unfasten her own costume. Less graceful than her sister’s perfectly timed strip Harmony nevertheless managed to wriggle her body out of the tight suit before tossing it over to the couch, where it slipped down unnoticed to the floor.

Now naked together the two sisters shifted their legs, crisscrossing them as they rose together, their arms wrapping around each other’s back until their breasts squeezed tightly into one. Looking over at Flin, their faces a perfect match as they let him see their pleasure, the girls arched backwards in unison, breasts standing proudly as their crotches pressed tightly together.

Grinding their hips, keeping their movements in concord to the throbbing beat coming from the club speakers the two girls began to moan with pleasure. As Flin watched them their movements became more and more in tune, both girls working against the other to bring maximum pleasure to both. As the music began to build to a crescendo so did the girls, their hands moving down to each other’s hips where they took hold and rocked vigorously towards their final conclusion.

At the perfect moment, just as the music hit the down beat, the girls released themselves. Falling away their pussies exploded with juices, showering down over their sister’s body in a glorious fountain of love. Both girls quickly moved their hands down to their crotches as they lay on the table top, fingers rubbing and pinching at their clits to keep their orgasms burning, and keeping the juices spraying over their sibling.

As Harmony’s cunt finally began to ebb Melody too slowed her toying, making sure that both ended their performance together. As the music shifted, a new beat working its way through the club, the girls sat up. Harmony looked over at Flin as her sister shyly tried to hide her girlcum coated body behind her. “Well? Do we make the cut?” She asked Flin, who was still staring at the two naked females, his hand down between his legs.

Shaking himself awake and pulling his hand away guiltily Flin spread his mandibles into what the turians classed as a smile. “You certainly seem skilled enough to perform, although you may want to warn some of the patrons in the front seats about the finale.” He said jovially as he reached down and grabbed the girls’ costumes. “Here. Go clean yourselves up and we’ll be in touch.” As he passed over the outfits the turian seemed to linger for a moment, as though he was going to suggest something more, but after a second he simply shook his head, grinning to himself as he walked towards the stairs.

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Mass Effect Porn Story: Of Love and Lust and Passion

Mass Effect Porn Story: Of Love and Lust and Passion

Chapter One

With a little ‘hiss‘, Commander Shepard removed the young Quarians facemask. The fact that he was the very first human to ever see how a Quarian looked like under the tinted facemask of a Quarian environmental suit wasn’t on his mind. Just seconds before, the young Quarian – Tali’Zorah – was babbling nervously, but the moment when their eyes both met no one said a single word. What he saw was so beautiful that he asked the gods how they could have cursed this Quarian to ever withhold her face from the rest of the world. ‘Oh my…‘ were the only thoughts he could muster. Looking into each other’s eyes for the first time without any obstructions felt like an eternity to both of them.

It could have been seconds, or minutes, even hours but when Tali saw that warming smile on her Commanders face, all of her fears, her nervousness and doubts vanished in a moment’s instant. It felt like a burden, as heavy as the universe fell from her shoulders. ‘Keelah…‘ were the only words the young Quarian could think of.

Now without hesitation, Tali finally found her strength as she pulled Shepard onto the bed where their lips met in a passionate kiss. With their lips locked, Shepard moved his hands gently towards Tali’s buttocks where he softly grabbed them. The pattern of her environment suit felt like snake skin and the cloth that was ritually wrapped all around her, soft as silk just like her skin. Moving his right hand towards the long neck of the Quarian he softly pushed her against him while gently caressing her back with his left hand.

Their long kisses, filled with passion and lust, felt like the world was about to end. They never wanted it to stop. The burden of the galaxy on their shoulders fell, as they both stopped caring about the rest of the world. For all they know, entire civilizations could get wiped out, they wouldn’t care at all. Just a mere handful of hours from now, their quest – again – sent them against the impossible odds of defeating an entire army of Collectors that lingered in a hidden base just besides the galactic core, most probably a suicide mission they would not return from. This might be their first and last moment together and they both wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

Finally they had to grasp for air, their breathing heavy and their hearts beating like in a orchestra of drums as the adrenaline and endorphins rushed through their veins. Shepard looked into Tali’s eyes and let out a small chuckle which suddenly made her loose her smile as she blushed and replace her face with an expression of panic. “What is it?” the Quarian asked worried “Keelah, did I do something wrong?”

Shepard grinned and said in a calm and soothing voice “No, you didn’t do anything wrong at all, it’s just…” – he thought for a second – “…on Earth we often compliment girls, that their kisses taste sweet,” he elaborated, now slightly blushing too “but with your dextro-DNA, kissing you actually DOES taste very… very sweet” he finished his explanation, now again looking into Tali’s eyes and smiling. Giving out a sigh of relief the Quarian gave Shepard a nudge to his shoulder and said jokingly with a big grin on her face “Don’t you ever scare me like that again Shepard!”

They both laughed a little bit and soon returned to staring into each other’s eyes. “You are beautiful” Shepard said with a little pause between each of the words, smiling. Gently caressing the back of the environment suit he continued “You” and kissed her “are” another quick peck “perfect” he finished when they both sunk back into their impenetrable bubble of love while kissing passionately and with the inextinguishable fire in their hearts they both proceed to consummate their love for each other.

Chapter Two

An eternity of love and lust and passion and a very happy young Quarian and Human later, both of them laid quietly in bed, sore from their exercise, unable to move just one more inch. Staring up unto the ceiling, Commander Shepard cushioned his head with his left hand while gently stroking Tali’Zorah’s back with his right, who rested comfortably on the Commanders chest with her eyes closed, silently listening to his steady heartbeat.

While Shepard looked aimlessly at the ceiling of his private quarters, he noticed for the first time that he could actually hear the quiet humming of the Normandy’s distant engines. He smiled as he remembered how Tali used to tell him that she couldn’t sleep on this ship, because the engines were too silent. Now the engines were the loudest noise in the room – apart from the occasional deep breath – and it only grew louder the more he tried not to concentrate on it.

Slowly shaking his head, he turned down to look at the majestic body of the young Quarian he had admired and loved for the last two and a half years. His heart skipped a beat when he thought back to the moment he finally realized that she had the same feelings for him, for almost the entire time as he did. ‘I am so lucky. So very, very lucky‘ he thought and smiled. Softly stroking along the side of Tali’s face with the back of his palm, he broke the eerie silence and said “Tali’Zorah vas Normandy nar Rayya…” The young Quarian slowly turned her face to him, letting out a soft groan and smiled.

Resting his right hand on her back he continued “Did you really never notice that I liked you all these years?” and put on a hint of a smirk. The young Quarian answered a tired and muffled “No” as she smiled, looking into Shepard’s eyes, “And that I took you with me on all my missions never seemed suspect to you?” the Commander asked again. Contemplating for a second she turned her head a little more so she could speak clearer, she answered “I guess, now that you mention it…” and after a second or two more, elaborated “…but at the time I thought you just wanted to show me the Universe, give me adventures that I could share with my people, once I returned from my Pilgrimage” ending the sentence with a soft kiss to his chest, before shyly adding “But I’d be lying if I say it never crossed my mind”.

She turned up to look into her Commanders eyes again, taking a deep breath and smiling at him. Shepard laughed a little before returning the smile and looking back at her. He gently caressed along her spine for a few moments before staring back at the ceiling, the smile still on his face.

Keelah, how could I have never noticed?‘ Tali thought while she savoured every second she could feel her skin against Shepard’s, memorizing every ounce of his scent and carefully studying every single hair on his body. Every moment filling her with so much joy, she just wanted to jump in the air and scream at the top of her lungs. But at the same time, she also felt great sadness thinking about their upcoming mission. The thought of certain death, just so shortly after she finally found the missing piece in her life, made her heart clench. Taking a deep breath she looked up to Shepard, his gaze locked to some point millions of miles beyond the ceiling, the wrinkles in his forehead as he undoubtedly also thought about the coming fight she finally said “Shepard?” He slowly turned his head to Tali, a hint of fear in his eyes she looked at him for a moment. She never saw Shepard frightened, he had fought armies of Geth, stood tall in battles entire legions would have thought lost and won them singlehandedly, rained down on every enemy in his way like a force of nature without even so much as flinching an eye. She was scared, millions of questions passing her mind, but she held on to one in particular.

“What if I die?” she asked.

The smile on the Commanders face dropped like a stone. The one question he didn’t want to ask himself, but there it was: Hanging in the air like a bullet in slow motion, moving unstoppably towards his head. “I faced the Geth, the Reapers and soon the Collectors, and I didn’t ever feel lost or frightened. But the thought of losing you…” he said slowly, with agony in his heart “… the thought of losing you scares the life out of me.” He put his hand on the side of the Quarians face and added “So, you promise me. You promise me, that you will make it out of there alive”. The seriousness and fear in his voice sent chills down the Quarians face, and with a single tear from her eye she nodded, moved up and kissed him passionately when a familiar voice over the intercom suddenly interrupted the peace of their intimacy.

“T-minus 5 minutes until we reach the Omega relay, you better get ready Commander.”

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