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Mass Effect 2 Kelly Sex Scene

Some of those Mass effect heroes that refuse to control an overwhelming will to fuck any longer and get right down to their naughty pursuits!! Watch the raunchy ways of superheroes’ private life brought to you by Mass effect porn! Liara T’soni There is some hot pictorial report and of savage immoral that are drilling!

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Mass Effect Hentai Story: "A Councilor and A Jedi – Forbidden Romance"

Chapter 0 – Prologue

In the deep reaches of space, the Citadel sits, peaceful and prosperous. Little war or even conflict reaches the ears of those on the Citadel. The galaxy is at it’s most peaceful time in decades. However, in the deep reaches of space, an evil lurks. It grows in power and bides its time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The perfect moment to take its prey.

However, the dark being will not find that too easy of a task with the powerful new alliance between the great Jedi Peace Keepers and the powerful Citadel Specters. While uneasy with the human’s presence on the Citadel, the Grand Council has seen the Jedi to be more than experienced enough in foreign affairs to handle such a position. Council Tevos above all others has some feeling in the back of her mind that bringing the Jedi on the Citadel will help them greatly in the future.

So the construction was started, according to a number of Jedi Master’s specifications, the Jedi Temple was built on the Citadel. Finished only a short time ago, a large group of Jedi and other observers have been gathered to join in the commemoration ceremony.

Those among the group are the Jedi Masters, Yoda, Windu, Aayla Secura and the young knight Ahsoka Tano. While a sacred Jedi ceremony, it is not without other distinguished guests from the Council. The Specter Turian Nihlus, the Investigator Turian Garrus and the powerful Asari Acolyte Shiala. While these are the noteworthy guests, a number of other people are in it for a scientific venture, mainly Doctor Liara T’Soni, a famous Asari scientist, and a representative of the Geth Legion apart from the rest.

Little do these people know, events unfold around them that will change the course of their lives forever.

Chapter 1 – The Prophecy

Shaak Ti sighed and looked Continue reading

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Mass Effect Porn Story: "A Taint of Darkness"

Matriarch Benezia drew herself up to her full height as she stepped through the portal and onto the strange, alien vessel. She knew the only way to discover Saren€™s true motives was to face him personally and he would only agree to that if she was willing to board his flagship Sovereign and so here she was.

Stepping into the darkened hallway, its roof arching high in the shadows overhead the asari leader felt trepidation for the first time in many years. This vessel was unlike anything she€™d ever seen before, its very nature seemed to claw at her mind and she could feel her biotics vibrating in response to the ship€™s own beating. Was it possible this ship was somehow powered by biotic technology, or was it truly alive in its own right?

The Matriarch became aware of the eyes staring down at her from between the arched pillars, single glowing eyes all focusing on her, ready to strike should she make any form of provocative move. Around her Benezia€™s personal honor guard fanned out, the pair ahead lifting their shotguns to their shoulders but keeping the barrels fixed firmly on the deck, ready to act but
in no way threatening the chittering machines watching them. Behind her another couple of warriors began to glow as their personal biotic barriers powered up, preparing to defend their Matriarch with their lives if necessary.

The commander of the guard stepped up beside Benezia. Leaning in close she whispered in the leader€™s ear, €œIs this wise Matriarch? They outnumber us greatly and we have no idea what other surprises this ship may have in store.€ Even with her training and years of experience the commando€™s voice still wave Continue reading

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Mass Effect Porn Story: "Subject Zero"

<<< Welcome to the Cerberus Operational Archives >>>
<<< Searching for files designated ‘Project Zero’…>>>
<<<Surveillance footage received from privately registered trading ship ‘Argo’>>>
<<<Subject identified via extranet usage as Jacqueline Naught AKA Project Zero>>>
<<<Playing surveillance footage…>>>

The Argo was an old ship. It had been floating around the traverse since the first contact war and had changed hands many times; it had been a mining ship, a colony transport vessel and, more than a few times, a pirate ship. The ship’s current owners had just that function planned when they bought the old Junker. With a bit of a tune up and the right crew the Argo could become the most feared ship Outside of council space.

“The Raptors” as they called themselves were made up of mostly runaways, some of them had grown up on the stations and had been waiting for the first ship away from the metal slums of the lower levels. More than a few were bored rich kids, pissed off with their parents. The Raptors considered themselves a cross between a pirate band and a cult, crazy and strong enough to slit the throat of anyone in their way, but only one of the Argo’s passengers lived up to the hype, and she was getting a little sick of all self promoting bullshit floating around the place.

Jack lay on the makeshift stage that had been set up in the middle of the frigate’s cargo hold, propping herself up with an elbow and dragging on her cigarette. Jack’s life was spent running, constantly looking for ways to be stronger, occasionally that meant joining up with some asshole cult or trust fund mercenaries like these guys, she would Continue reading

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Mass Effect Hentai Stiry: “Tali in need”.

Tali squared herself to Shepard, her hand squeezing at his a little bit as she stared into his eyes with a mix of curiosity, desire, and nervousness in hers. Hesitantly, she wiped her face clear of his cum, sliding her tongue over her lips, tasting for his cum. Nope, nothing left, she’d cleaned it off. Tali slid her hand down her body slowly as Shepard stood up straight again, the dizzying effect of the massive orgasm she’d brought on him having subsided. Slowly her fingers massaged into the front of her body, rubbing at first into her chest and then the tops of her breasts, which were even paler than the rest of her body, making them look actually gray rather than the pale grayish-purple of the rest of her skin. She watched as his gaze followed her hand, and decided to continue the little show. Her fingers kneaded slowly down the center of her left breast, before she engulfed the relatively large, soft curve of it in her hand, cupping it tightly and squeezing, enjoying the sensual feel of her titty being massaged, even if just by her own hand. There was always something relaxing and arousing at the same time with her tits being rubbed. Slowly, her innermost finger, the one between her “pinky” and “thumb” fingers, began to circle over her nipple, sending faint, pleasurable little jolts through her chest at the feel. Her nipples were as hard as they could get, causing the sensation to be heightened even more as she continued to circle her finger over the leathery-textured nipple. Shepard watched quietly, his breathing picking up, faintly, but all the same, it was noticeable. Tali smiled softly, slipping her tongues, which she had brought back together into one single tongue, over her lips just a touch, as her hand slipped down her flat, smooth, limber tummy and then to the upper ride of the skimpy undergarment she wore. Continue reading

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