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Mass Effect Porn Story: Subject Zero

Mass Effect Porn Story: Subject Zero

<<< Welcome to the Cerberus Operational Archives >>>
<<< Searching for files designated ‘Project Zero’…>>>
<<<Surveillance footage received from privately registered trading ship ‘Argo’>>>
<<<Subject identified via extranet usage as Jacqueline Naught AKA Project Zero>>>
<<<Playing surveillance footage…>>>

The Argo was an old ship. It had been floating around the traverse since the first contact war and had changed hands many times; it had been a mining ship, a colony transport vessel and, more than a few times, a pirate ship. The ship’s current owners had just that function planned when they bought the old Junker. With a bit of a tune up and the right crew the Argo could become the most feared ship Outside of council space.

“The Raptors” as they called themselves were made up of mostly runaways, some of them had grown up on the stations and had been waiting for the first ship away from the metal slums of the lower levels. More than a few were bored rich kids, pissed off with their parents. The Raptors considered themselves a cross between a pirate band and a cult, crazy and strong enough to slit the throat of anyone in their way, but only one of the Argo’s passengers lived up to the hype, and she was getting a little sick of all self promoting bullshit floating around the place.

Jack lay on the makeshift stage that had been set up in the middle of the frigate’s cargo hold, propping herself up with an elbow and dragging on her cigarette. Jack’s life was spent running, constantly looking for ways to be stronger, occasionally that meant joining up with some asshole cult or trust fund mercenaries like these guys, she would stay long enough to get what she needed from them, sex, drugs, money whatever she wanted an then cut loose when she couldn’t squeeze any more out of them. Unfortunately her new ‘friends’ often had joining rituals.

Jack looked around at the assembled Raptors all wearing tatty black cloaks in an attempt to make this feel vaguely sanctified. Jack rolled her eyes, she hated all this pomp and pageantry shit. These guys and girls wanted to fuck her before they’d let her in, big fucking deal! Jack had taken part in these ‘group initiations’ before and they were usually good for a few orgasms before she just tuned everyone else. Jack knew that if she wanted to or if things got out of hand she could repaint the hull with these bastards but secretly she got off on being surrounded by horny naked people all clamouring to just grab a hole and fuck the shit out of it, that being said Jack was far from a submissive, if they expected her to beg for it, they had another thing coming.
Keller the de-facto leader of the group stepped before the anxious crowd:
“My brothers and Sister’s before us lies another soul trampled by the…uh…chains…the chains of…of…oppression…”

“This is fucking painful to watch” Jack muttered under her breath. She inhaled deeply on her cheap cigarette and stood up, stretched and flicked it at the head of the bumbling cult leader. She smiled as the city boy ducked as if she had thrown a singularity at him.

“Cut the crap Asshole, you guys want a piece of my ass before you’ll let me join you’re stupid little tea party and I’m ok with that…” She undid the two leather straps that covered her ink covered breasts and pulled her dingy orange outfit down to her feet. The collective jaws of everyone in the room hit the floor just before Jack’s thong did. “…What I don’t like is all this dress up and sermonising shit. So if you don’t mind I’d rather get this done.”

Jack’s words opened the floodgate and suddenly twenty five black cloaked figures rushed onto the makeshift stage all desperate to get to the horny girl waiting naked for them. Jack barely had time to make a wise ass comment before the first rock hard dick was thrust at her. Jack took the cock roughly by the shaft before plunging it into her mouth, the robed man shuddered in bliss as the steaming wetness of Jacks mouth enveloped his manhood, wasting no time Jack began to work her mouth over the head, her tongue swirling around his bell end and eliciting a groan from the man in front of her. She began to move her head faster and before long was deep throating the guy at lightning speed, if she had wanted to she could have teased the guy for hours but the night was young and she had a lot of cocks to get through.

As one hand cradled and gently squeezed Jack’s modest tits the man’s other hand grabbed the back of her head and started slamming her head forward into his pelvis, filling her well trained throat full of man meat, Jack made a mental note to teach this bastard a lesson in respecting women when this was all over but for now the wet slapping sound that her drooling mouth made as his balls slapped against her chin and the feeling of her throat being completely full made Jack’s already moist pussy begin to stream. The man ahead of her groaned and unleashed a torrent of his cum down the girls gullet, Jack made sure to stare defiantly into his eyes as she gulped and slurped down every last drop of his hot spunk before pulling his still spasming dick out of her mouth, catching the errant drops that landed on her face and pushing the man away.

Jack groaned in annoyance as she licked the last drops from her fingers, he hadn’t cum nearly enough, she wanted her bully full to bursting before this thing was over “Fucking next!” she roared and didn’t have to wait long before another dick, longer and thicker than the first was presented. Whilst she went to work on this new member she became aware of hand reaching from behind her and groping her as they felt ,slapped and probed her ass cunt and breasts and it wasn’t long before she felt someone teasing her pussy “Stick it in or go to the back of the line pussy! Don’t waste my time with fucking foreplay” the man didn’t and plunged fully into Jacks fuck tunnel, Jack grunted onto the cock in her mouth, this guy was packing some serious girth but without stopping her oral assault she began to thrust back onto the invading member her bare, luscious ass slapping against him as she took him from hilt to shaft all the while with him pistoning in and out of the powerful biotic.

“For such a slut you sure are tight” The man said wincing as he hammered into Jack who flipped him the bird across her shoulder just as another thick load of baby batter was sprayed onto her grinning face. Her throat temporarily empty Jack turned her attention to the guy in her cunt, she began to grind on the man, gyrating her hips from side to side and up and down as he drilled her doggy style and to his credit he managed to last almost another minute before Jack’s experienced cunt muscles caused him to cry out as he pumped load after load into Jack’s unprotected womb. Jack gritted her teeth and rode the first of many orgasms, loving the feeling of his warm goo filling up her deepest depths.

“Fucking complete strangers bareback and taking a load straight up your pussy, Damn this girls a slut!” The man said pulling out of her

“With that pathetic load? I doubt I’ve got anything to worry about until a real man shows up” Jack shot back

Humiliated and Exhausted by the girls boundless energy the man quickly moved to the side and let the next cult member step up to the plate. This time however powerful arms lifted Jack up as he slid underneath her and plunged with warning into Jack’s other hole. Jack was no anal virgin but even she winced a little as the man’s huge crown began to probe her back door.

“Finally, I thought I’d have to start writing out invitations” she said sitting up and bracing herself against the man’s huge and muscled chest and began to gyrate her hips, desperately trying to pop the head into her tight hole whilst ahead of her another cultist threw of his robe and prepared to take Jack from the front.

Jack moaned as the cock at her asshole finally penetrated her, flooding her with pleasure as the man began to work up momentum as Jacks asshole stretched more and more to accommodate him. The man in front kneeled down and lined his prick up with Jacks vacant and cum leaking pussy, before dragging her in for a violently passionate kiss and plunging himself into her used hole.

“That’s right keep fucking my slutty ass with your cock you bastard. Harder! I can take the rough stuff”

Jack moaned deeply, the intoxicating feeling of being double stuffed causing her pussy to drench the incoming cock, the lubrication it provided allowing him to slip in more easily. Jack rocked with each thrust grunting out as the two huge cocks plundered her insides and almost didn’t notice the red head coming towards her.

The woman had long blood red hair and one of the biggest and bounciest pair of tits Jack had ever seen, the sex crazed biotic licked her cum sprayed lips in anticipation, not even while being worked over by these two jack hammers at the same time was Jack anywhere near her limit. The nude beauty stood above Jack and smirked to see the foul mouthed biotic being filled to the brim and as another spasming cock spurted its juice in the nympho’s mouth.

“You…just gonna…ah…stand there bitch or are you…ooooh….gonna join in” Jack said with a wicked grin, opening her mouth wide to show the pool of spunk she had just earned before swallowing it all down and letting her long pink tongue hang obscenely from her mouth, bouncing along with her tits as she rode the dick in her ass. Returning Jack’s wicked smile the woman took Jack’s head and thrust it straight into her hairless pussy but far from being shocked Jack instead dived straight into the folds of her pussy and began putting her tongue to work.

Immediately the red head began to moan as her expert pussy licker began to ravenously probe her tongue into her slit. Jack smiled to herself at the already present taste of girl cum. someone’s been enjoying the show she thought to herself.The red head began to groan as her G spot surrendered to Jacks exploring tongue.


Jack loved the dirty talk. She had learned a long time ago that sex was sex, no matter who was on the other end and had no problem with being labeled a lesbian, or even a Dyke. Jack wrapped her hands around the smooth skin of the red heads ass and pulled her face even deeper into the woman.


The girl came with a typhoon force and did indeed splash her woman juice all over Jack’s face and into her eager mouth before her legs buckled and she slid down to the floor. Jack grabbed the woman’s face roughly and pulled her into a violent kiss, the woman’s eyes bolted open as she felt Jack’s probing tongue, her drool mixed with her own cum but was soon savouring the sweet taste of her own pussy juice as their tongues wrestled before Jack pulled out suddenly, licking her drool and cum covered tongue across the woman’s face and leaving her stunned and with various sex juices pouring out of her contented mouth.

At the same time the man (showing amazing stamina) who had been pounding away at Jacks ass finally began to tense up as did the dick furiously pounding her cunt. Feeling him being close Jack decided to push him over the edge.

“Come on you fuckers! pour that jizz straight into my ass and womb! I want so much of that man batter up my butt it’ll be dripping out for weeks! And you in front! I want you to shoot your baby juice so far up my fuck tunnel that my belly will start to swell! I want to feel those little fuckers filling me up so far my cervix will be leaking sperm COME ON YOU LIMP DICKS! FUCK MY ASS AND KNOCK ME UP! PUMP THAT SPERM UP MY ASS AND MAKE ME FUCKING PREGNANT!”

This pushed the two men over the edge and spurred on by Jacks filthy mouth all three lovers screamed in ecstasy as the two dicks in Jack unleashed a fire hose of spunk up into her deepest orifices, each man Cumming more than they ever had before and filling up the little space punk. After a good two minutes of solidly pumping their seed into Jack is she too came down from her massive combined pussy and ass-gasm and began to relish the delicious feeling of being full to the brim with man slime before groaning as it began to seep out of her onto the cold metal floor.

Gasping but slowly getting her breath back, Jack began to search for her long since discarded pants and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, after lighting one she took a long glorious drag. She loved to smoke after fucking.She looked at her the last of her ‘lovers’ for someone reason that bullshit about wanting a man to knock her up always put a little more fire in guys and whilst she didn’t care for protection during sex she had plenty on hand for after just to be sure.

As she stifled a laugh at the sheer amount of goo dribbling out of her puss, she dipped her finger into her well used hole before bringing it to her lips and letting the strands drip across her stuck out tongue. She savoured the taste of the combined men of the ship and almost wished she could bottle this stuff and save it for her next dry spell when she was next on the run. Turning a satisfied eye over the robed cultists, Jack gave a snort of laughter at the exhausted men (and woman) of the Argo and finally allowed herself to bask in the afterglow of such an amazing fuck session. She might just stick around these freaks for a while.

<<<End of Surveillance file>>>
<<<Subject shows high levels of aggression and overactive Libido as expected>>>
<<<No attempt will be made to capture subject at this point…by order of The Illusive man the ‘Argos’ trajectory and heading will be passed along to prison vessel ‘Purgatory’ where subject will remain until a suitable testing facility can be established>>>

<<<Supplemental Note: Despite being a highly powerful Biotic, Subject shows no discharge of biotic energy at point of orgasm as displayed by the other two high priority biotic specimens. Relevant notes will be forwarded to ‘Project Circe and ‘Project Azure’ at once>>>

<<<Command accepted: Opening file ‘Project Azure’>>>

<<<Specimen Designated Morinth remains in testing…>>>

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