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Mass Effect Porn Story: A Taint of Darkness

Mass Effect Porn Story: A Taint of Darkness

Matriarch Benezia drew herself up to her full height as she stepped through the portal and onto the strange, alien vessel. She knew the only way to discover Saren’s true motives was to face him personally and he would only agree to that if she was willing to board his flagship Sovereign and so here she was.

Stepping into the darkened hallway, its roof arching high in the shadows overhead the asari leader felt trepidation for the first time in many years. This vessel was unlike anything she’d ever seen before, its very nature seemed to claw at her mind and she could feel her biotics vibrating in response to the ship’s own beating. Was it possible this ship was somehow powered by biotic technology, or was it truly alive in its own right?

The Matriarch became aware of the eyes staring down at her from between the arched pillars, single glowing eyes all focusing on her, ready to strike should she make any form of provocative move. Around her Benezia’s personal honor guard fanned out, the pair ahead lifting their shotguns to their shoulders but keeping the barrels fixed firmly on the deck, ready to act but
in no way threatening the chittering machines watching them. Behind her another couple of warriors began to glow as their personal biotic barriers powered up, preparing to defend their Matriarch with their lives if necessary.

The commander of the guard stepped up beside Benezia. Leaning in close she whispered in the leader’s ear, “Is this wise Matriarch? They outnumber us greatly and we have no idea what other surprises this ship may have in store.” Even with her training and years of experience the commando’s voice still wavered with a thrill of fear as her eyes scanned over the shifting organic metal creatures surrounding the party.

“It may not be wise, but it the best chance to stop this madness before Saren goes any further.” Benezia lifted her hand, gently stroking the side of the soldier’s face. Over the years the politician and the warrior had shared many things, including each other’s beds, in fact Benezia could still smell the soldier’s scent on her fingers over the background stench of the alien craft. Somehow this taste of normalcy helped focus her mind. “Be strong, my love. We shall convince Saren to leave this path of destruction he seems to be leading us down.”

Turning to face her destiny Benezia saw two krogan moving towards her, their heavy battle armor scarred and pitted by damage from weapons fire and their high caliber weapons seeming like cannons compared to the graceful light shotguns her own troops carried. The asari Matriarch has no doubt those guns would be able to rip through her bodyguard with no problem at all, but hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. One of the large reptilians grunted to the party of asari and waved his gun down the corridor to where an entryway was cycling open.

Moving forwards at her own comfortable pace with her bodyguard moving gracefully around her Matriarch Benezia moved towards the entry and as she stepped through she found herself in a glass fronted transport pod overlooking the single largest element zero core she’d ever seen. Even as it rotating slowly as the flagship idled in deep space, the occasional burst of pent up energy arched great streams of raw power out to ground themselves against the surrounding hull. The sight was magnificently beautiful and horrifying in its destructive potential all at once.

Once again Benezia felt the power of the ship throbbing through her, the eezo of her biotic implants resonating with the power of the core in such close proximity. For a moment she thought she heard the sound of whispering and half turned towards her guards before they faded away, leaving a vague unease in her soul as she felt as though there was something she should be doing.

As the pod pulled away from the docking station, moving rapidly through the interior of the ship with its own mass effect field dampening the acceleration, the asari were given a clear view of the geth arranged orderly in their storage racks. There were hundreds of them, thousands even. Certainly enough to successfully invade practically any planet in the galaxy when combined with the fleet of vessels Saren had accompanying them, along with their own invasion forces. The turian renegade was obviously putting on a show, trying to intimidate the Matriarch, putting her in a position of weakness even before they had met. But Benezia was a practiced politician and such obvious posturing meant only one thing, Saren was worried about this meeting, he was unsure of his own position and was trying to make up for it with cheap tricks.

Approaching the apex of the central chamber the travel pod docked smoothly into an awaiting orifice, a slight slither of frictionless materials brushing over each other the only warning before the doorway opened behind the party. The two krogan began to move forwards, herding the asari women out into a wide chamber which may at one point have been some kind of dock or storage bay but now had been haplessly decorated to be used as an audience chamber. All around banners of deep crimson hung, complimenting the red lighting already in place around the perimeter. Krogan stood in place, guarding the chamber while at the same time exalting the power of their lord and master. Benezia was impressed only with the fact these krogan seemed to be wearing only light jumpsuits, something almost unheard of in a race whose armor was almost as much part of themselves as their own skin.

“Welcome Matriarch.” Boomed Saren’s voice enthusiastically. Benezia caught herself for a moment as she tried to pick him out of the dark corners before realizing the renegade Spectre was in fact addressing her from a hovering platform hanging high above the far end of the room. “I must apologize for the reception. Sovereign is more a warrior than a diplomat and lacks the conveniences I’m sure a woman of your importance is used to being furnished with.” As he spoke Saren’s platform floated slowly down towards the alien party, at once appearing benevolent and threatening in his posturing.

Benezia smiled to herself, despite his many skills and abilities Saren certainly had no prowess in subtle political maneuvering. He obviously believed that his position above her group would make him seem more grand than he truly was and instill feelings of inferiority in his guests. The Matriarch wondered if he’d used the same tricks on the geth when forming his alliance with them. If he had, and they’d fallen for it, then her opinion of them would be greatly diminished.

“I’m sure my staff and I will be able to make do.” She replied to Saren’s veiled insult diplomatically. “And how should I address you now? Spectre? Renegade? Traitor?”

“Now now, no need to speak so abruptly. And you may call me Master.” As he said the word Benezia felt her implants vibrating once more, the whispering in her mind returning with a vengeance, the sudden shock of it making her flinch. Around her the soldiers dropped their weapons, several dropping to their knees in pain as their own minds were overcome with the sheer strength of the suggestion.

“What’s this? Not on your knees before me Matriarch? Perhaps we can do something about that.” The voices increased in volume and Benezia could now make out the words carried on the ghostly sounds. Some were wheedling and persuasive, trying to convince her following Saren was the best course to take. Others were brash and demanding, belittling her own abilities and extolling Saren’s superiority over her. In the back of her mind another set of voices whispered of dark forbidden pleasures, pleasures which could be hers if only she were to submit to this great man. These were the ones she could not fight and as they gradually worked their way into her thoughts, silencing the others as they approached, the revered Matriarch felt her body responding to them.

As she fought to remain on her feet her head dipped, catching sight of her entourage as they rolled about on the deck. Several of them, including her beloved commander, had already begun to peel away their armor, exposing themselves to the surrounding krogan and to the vile defiler hovering above. As she watched them the warriors began to manipulate themselves, finger sliding over their skin and teasing the sensitive flesh, provoking stiffed cries of delight.

Benezia’s own desires were beginning to take hold of her as well and as she watched the commander’s fingers slide down between her shapely thighs, opening her flower wide for her Matriarch to see, a flash of sensory memory rushed through her mind. The memory of soft tender flesh against her lips, the feel of damp yielding lips welcoming her touch and the wonderfully intoxicating taste of her lover spilling into her mouth. Unbidden Benezia’s fingers moved up her body, the sensation heightened by the pounding energy pumping through her biotic implants. Unfastening the clasps of her ceremonial vestments, the Matriarch allowed her robes to fall from her body, the cold recycled air of the ship playing over her skin felt like the gentle kisses of a thousand unhurried lovers.

Above her Saren laughed at the sight of the naked politician. Until recently she’d been one of his greatest opponents, fighting his every step and hounding him with threats and interference, but soon she’d be his willing servant, following every word eagerly, just as the others had done before her. He watched as she cupped her ample breasts in her hands, teasing her nipples with her fingertips as she stared down at one of the soldiers frantically grinding her crotch against her hands.

He realized in that moment that there was something deeper in the Matriarch’s eyes than simple lust, something which spoke of a connection to the overcome slut she saw before her. With a gesture he drew the attention of the gathered krogan, each a mere puppet of his will since they had boarded Sovereign. “Take her.” He commanded simply, his hand pointing to the Matriarch’s favored pet.

Three of the mighty beasts stepped forwards, quickly moving to the asari’s side as she wantonly massaged her most sacred of organs, as the power of Sovereign overcoming her sensibilities and leaving her a slave to her desires. Gripping her body with their scaled hands the krogan tipped her onto her knees, lifting her ass high as they positioned her for their own sordid purposes. One took up position behind her, another to the front and the last lifted his leg over her, mounting her back as his swollen phallus pressed down between her buttocks.

The commando was too far gone with lust to fight against them and as she felt the first krogan press its nobbled cock against her already drenched cunt she pressed herself back against it, angling her hips to make his entry into her body all the easier. A moment later the second pressed his prick against the willing blue whore’s lips, her mouth opened easily and wrapped around his thrusting shaft as she tilted her head back to give him easy access to her throat. On top of her the last krogan shifted his position, rubbing the tip of his rod down the crease of her buttocks before coming to rest against her puckered purple anus. As the asari veteran rocked her body between his companions the krogan let her spear herself onto his cock, letting her drive him deep inside her shithole with her own thrusting motions.

As the krogan stood there practically motionless the asari, driven by the influence of Sovereign dripping into her mind through the implants throughout her body, pumped herself between their three pricks, grinding herself hard and sucking noisily, juices dribbling out of both ends of her body as she gave herself over to the pleasure.

Benezia couldn’t take it anymore and as her fingers stroked over her swollen and dripping sex she dropped to her knees in front of Saren, her mouth gaping open wantonly as the voices inside her head fuelled her lustful desires. “How do you feel about serving me now, most high Matriarch?” Saren asked impudently, throwing his head back and laughing loudly as the
Matriarch dropped onto all fours and began to crawl across the decking towards her thrice coupled lover. As soon as she was close enough Benezia reached out and grasped the commando’s breast tightly, her fingers sinking into the soft flesh as she drew it to her mouth, suckling on it roughly as her other hand rubbed over her own cunt.

Above her Saren smiled, waving his hand to the krogan sentinels he summoned more to tend to the writhing asari caught in Sovereign’s corrupting spell. Obediently they approached the naked blue women as they desperately pawed at their own bodies, their own biotic implants feeding their desires as Sovereign clawed at their minds, tearing away their resistance. The krogan grabbed hold of the naked blue women, spinning and twisting them into perverse poses before plunging deeply into them, no hole left unfilled as they sated their own perverse desires with the nimble and eager whores.

In the middle of it all Benezia lay on the strangely warm deck, her mouth suckling urgently on her lover’s teat and her hips bobbing rhythmically as she fucked herself against her fingers. Part of her mind screamed that this was all wrong, that something deeply sinister was happening to her and that the voices whispering in her mind were a far greater threat than Saren ever could be, even with his armies and fleets. It was too late for her now though, the Matriarch was too far gone to listen and as she lost control of her body her soul began to slip away.

When a set of scaled paws grasped at her waist, lifting her hips up and off her soaked fingers the Matriarch fought against them, almost pulling away from her succulent feast until she felt the swollen glands bump against her excited clit. The sensation rippled through her body, every implant pulsing in sympathy to the erotic rush; pushing the burst into her mind with such intensity she almost lost control of herself completely. Instead she was able to fight back the feelings her body and biotics were forcing on her, but not for long. As the krogan beast rammed the full length of his nobbled and scaled shaft into her she could hold the feelings in no longer.

Throwing her head back as her arms collapsed beneath her the high Matriarch fell into a moaning heap. Her mouth licked and lapped at her lover’s breasts between each gasping breath while the two women rocked together, their bodies as defiled and abused as their minds.

Soon Benezia lost count of the orgasms which seemed to rip unendingly through her body and mind. Krogan after krogan lined up to satisfy themselves within her and her body was covered with their discarded juices. Her companions were faring no better, each of them accommodating several of the mighty beasts at once, given no chance to recover themselves between one penetration and the next. Through it all Saren hover above, gazing down impassively at the sight, showing no sign or arousal or interest now that the Matriarch had been broken by Sovereign’s will.

Finally the crowds began to thin out, the krogan backing away to leave the soiled sluts to lie in pools of sexual fluids in the middle of the floor. None of the blue-skinned women had the strength to move, instead simply laying back in the viscous filth, letting their bodies feel the ooze as it seeped into their skin.

It the center of them all Benezia lay beside her lover, their bodies intertwined and coated every inch with the krogan’s semen. No longer even aware of the audience, or of Saren hanging above her, Benezia moved herself slowly over the asari commander, her mouth willingly licking up the foul seed as she cleaned her lover’s skin. As she reached the woman’s mouth Benezia pressed her lips against it, letting the gathered cum flow between them and down into her lover’s belly.

Collapsing together the asari Matriarch stared up into Saren’s dark, heartless eyes. “What do you wish of me, my Master?” She heard herself say. Deep in her mind she screamed, her true self trapped in a prison of lust and depravity as Saren stepped down from his thrown and took her in every way possible.

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