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Mass Effect Hentai Story: "A Night of Afterlife"

It was a dark and loud night on Omega as I was being crushed by the crowd of people, all of whom were waiting for their chance to get inside Afterlife, the largest and hottest club on Omega. After around a 45 minute wait, I got my chance and walked inside. The main area to Afterlife was somewhat crowded, but had a lot less people when compared to some of its other
nights, but I wasn€™t interested in the main floor. I walked down to the lower floors of the club and walked past the bar, my eyes on the Asari stripper as I walked over to her and sat myself onto the chair next to the Asari and looked up to her, watching her dance. The purple-skinned dancer placed her hands right above her chest, dancing on her knees as I leaned forward.

She was wearing a full-suit €œdancers€ outfit which hid various parts of her body to keep them out of plain sight but kept out a large amount of cleavage, I had trouble recognizing the suits color due to the poor lighting but I€™d like to say it was also purple or maybe black. I pulled out a credit chit and handed it to her as she smiled, leaning down and accepting it. The woman stood up and began to dance again, keeping her eyes locked on me for most of the dance. The woman placed both of her palms onto the pole and swung herself for a bit before stopping by placing her groin onto the pole and slowly sliding down. I began to feel my cock harden, stiffening upwards and making my pants tent somewhat.

I saw her look down to my pelvis and smile as she placed her hands onto her knees, sliding them up as she made contact with her pelvis area, letting her fingertips slide up her pussy slit a small amount through the suit then past her stomach before finishing
off by sliding her fingertips between the cleavage of her breasts. The woman began to look around as if she was looking for someone or seeing if someone else was watching and after doing this she pulled the upper area of he Continue reading

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Tali Vas Normandy/Tali’Zorah nar Rayya naked, sweaty and giving birth.

Mass effect Porn

Mass effect Hentai

Mass effect Hentai

Another COver for fournax the alien magazine with more stories and another asari on the front
Shepard and Miranda Lawson having an
Another young hottie from Mass effect tv-show sports an awesome pair of tits to demonstrate us and she never says “no” to any fuck-ready dick! This pack of hottest drawn porn action will make you feel like hell all those fuck-crazed Mass effect hentai freaks having a good time!! Could you ever have enough of first-class and Odysseys that always catch your breath provoke.

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Now the whole galaxy know that asari are lesbians!

Mass Effect Liara Porn

Another teen nympho from Mass effect series got those perfect big boobs to exhibit for us and she can never reject anyone with a hard cock! Sexually eager hookers of Mass effect XXX comic anxious to do their best to make the studs shoot their loads… Let’s follow the lead of starlet who is having her pussy filled ;)

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Take a look at this nude asari’s sexy back while she is taking some rest from her strip performance…

Mass Effect Hentai Gallery

Some Mass effect are just too sex-starved with nudity and foreplay that is only to begin with, no need to tell what happens next. See the raunchy ways of superheroes’ private life brought to you by Mass effect hentai. Internationally recognized heroes are back once again with some new raunchy pastimes…

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This naughty asari from “Mass Effect” is ready to fuck anyway you like!

Mass Effect 2 Miranda Sex Scene

This very unusual episode of Mass effect frenzy with the sexiest heroes of this toon find themselves in the naughtiest pursuits! Some of those heroes that cannot master an overpowering desire to have sex and any longer hit on this road full of pussy-pumping!. Mass effect sex personages are back again with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will make your prick stiff…

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Hentai stories from “Mass effect”: Lucky Guy

Jimmy couldn’t believe his luck. At first he’d thought the online dating site would be a waste of time but already he had a date lined up, even if it seemed a little cryptic. Scribbling down the address he reached for the directory, trying to see where exactly apartment block D was. Luckily it was close, giving him plenty of time.

Quickly he got dressed, choosing a light loose suit which looked smart yet casual and could be easily removed in a hurry if he managed to get that far. Rubbing a hand across his chin he smiled to himself in the mirror. His stubble was getting a little long, but with the strong curves of his face it simply gave him a ruggedly handsome look.

Snatching up his commlink, as well as the holdout blaster which he quickly tucked into his sleeve, he made his way out onto the streets of Omega. The night was early, but with the woman expecting him for nine thirty he didn’t want to mess around. As he passed the street preacher was screaming out his usual angry rants, but as Jimmy turned his gaze in the batarian’s direction he quickly looked away, remembering the last time he’d tried to use the human as a target for his rhetoric. Passing by Marsh’s store Jimmy stopped for a moment to purchase a bottle of good wine from the storekeeper’s private reserves. Normally the batarian wouldn’t sell his limited stock to a human, but with their quiet understanding Jimmy had no problem getting what he wanted.

With the bottle tucked under his arm Jimmy quickly made his way down the passageway towards the transit terminal. A group of scavenging vorcha looked for a moment as if they were going to cause him a delay, but just then a couple of Blue Sun mercs turned the corner ahead and the vorcha quickly melted into the shadows. Glancing back over his shoulder Jimmy saw the armoured turians continuing on t Continue reading

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Mmaranda sucks Samara’s pussy so hard that Samara wants more and more!

Mass Effect Porn Pics

It’s time for special edition Mass effect in shape of porn anime ;) By the way, isn’t it a Mass effect XXX roll in the hay one can spot in this pic? ! Let’s follow the example of this girl who is getting her cunt hammered!

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While Shepard is saving the Universe Jack and Liara having some lesbian fun!

Mass Effect 2 Sex Scene Kelly

This too explicit rendition of Mass effect craze where the hottest characters from this cartoon get involved into all sorts of fuck adventures ;) Aching Matriarch Benezia cum receptacle wants to feel hard black dick and right up her ass, suck it off ;) Mass effect porn drawn sex characters get their brains fucked out: it’s the first time you see them like that lusty and sexually eager…

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Miranda posing in a hot Cerberus top and nicely cut N7 bikini bottom.

 Cartoon Sex

characters do it again with new series of dirty porn cartoon that go mad for each other and for their perverse sexual fantasies ;) The best part for hot bitches of hentai comic strip is to be involved into wild orgies with some of the best endowed dudes and give their cum slits to be totally destroyed by the biggest boners!. Dirty frames are at stock for you to enjoy! in her shaved pussy and .

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Miranda is trying on her new blue suit and she wants your opinion on how it makes her ass look.


characters do it again with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that cannot get enough of each other and for their scorching hot and indecent dreams! Characters are so much perverted that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places 24/7 and in every possible way … I’ve always dreamed to catch a glimpse of hentai teens who are ever hungry for cocks above all ;)

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